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We all want a life filled with meaning, spiritually, mentally and physically. Yes, some of us want to make a difference and leave a legacy. You, like so many others, have discovered that there is more to life than being saved from sin and just going to church, warming a chair to sooth one’s conscience.

You are probably someone who has moved beyond the question: “What is in it for me?” or perhaps “Is my life worth living?” If this is so, you will hopefully find this website interesting and even challenging.  It is intended to be. It is a search for meaning, going to the roots of our faith in, and walk with, God. The articles, messages and networks available in this website are thus not primarily about you or me; they are about Him and His Kingdom. A Kingdom that is yearning to be established here on Earth – the place you, me and God calls home.

My desire is that together we discover the truth of what it is to be His people, something Jesus called the ecclesia. Together we need to challenge contemporary concepts of mission, church and the tragic title designated to His people: the laity. We need to ask questions about the legality of church planting as a Biblical directive, or the insinuation that you can only work for God when you work for the church. Let us relentlessly question the basis of the caste system called the laity and clergy, which stripped His people of their priestly inheritance and relegated them to members and second class-citizens of His Kingdom.

But we also need to give answers, by exploring biblical truths, in order to provide substance to the spirituality of work and an understanding of what it is to be a Kingdom of royal priests.  It is to re-ignite a movement where all followers of Jesus are priests, missionaries and prophets sent on an apostolic mission. These answers need to reveal the keys to transform nations and the insight that the Bible was written for all people. And yes – that the gifts and ministries of His Spirit are the inheritance of all His people.

It is finding partners who will seek His will and apply what they have learned. It is a challenging route – one that will stretch our lives and faith. Any encounter with God brings change, breaks open new avenues of meaning, fulfilment and joy. It might even bring persecution and a new circle of friends. It is the choice we need to make and see through to the end.

I invite you to walk with me and share in the challenges, victories and joy, as we together go to the roots of what it means to be a laos tou Theou – a people of God, people like you and me.

Dr Johan Carstens


Johan Carstens

johan carstens

Known as a mentor and strategist, Johan is in high demand as a lecturer. He appears on a regular basis at Bible Institutions, Theological Colleges and Congregations. He can be contacted at Marketplace Ministries.

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