Welcome to I-Opus Dei

Our Vision

To establish the kingdom of Christ through the workplace

To awaken, empower and nurture a kingly priesthood of all believers

To explore, inform and develop a culture of service, community and mission

Meet Johan Carstens

johan carstens
Johan Carstens has been an itinerant lecturer at various Bible Institutions and Theological Colleges for many years. He is also a mentor and strategist on congregating believers, Apostolic Business communities and people that he facilitates into the mission field. Johan has a passion to revive a movement of people, reaching people with the gospel of the only Christ.

making tomorrow…work!

“Mission today has become a people movement”.

Something it always was, and should have been.

Likewise, mission is challenging our concept of church. It is not about the Church, but about the King and His Kingdom. It is equipping people through the ministries of the Holy Spirit to be effective where they spend most of their time – not in church, but at work and with their families.

His Mission

i-Opus Dei is a strong movement of people dedicated to work and live as for God – wherever they are and whoever they might be.
It is people like you and me:

  • We are working people, reaching people working – with the gospel, of the only Christ.
  • Our work and lifestyle is the way we turn our God given paradises down side up…from the inside out.
  • Individually and collectively we form interactive networks and informal communities of believers, making a difference wherever we are.
  • We are a missional community congregating any time, anywhere and with whoever share in this common goal.